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Mr. Yosuke Yagi,
Director of GE Japan Corporation.

Case study of GE Japan Corporation:Global management and Global Human Resource Development
Mr. Terry F. Buss,
Executive Director and Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Heinz College Australia Carnegie Mellon University.

Carnegie Mellon University Future Leaders in the Global Market.
What's Globalization/4 Keys oh Foundation /4 Points for Global Leadership/1.Chaging Type and Coopolating Type/2.Don't Force the Values of West/Practical Ethics/Essential Element For Leadership/ Education / Accept Failure Flexibility
Mr. Minoru Okamoto,
Chairman of TE Japan GK, Senior Advisor to the CEO TE Connectivity.

Present a Long-term strategy/ Leadership Development Framework/ Global Leader Training Program/ The Roles of a Leader \Strategy, Implementation, and Talent/ Criteria for Evaluation \Action Is Important/ Succession Plan/ Beautiful Environments and Top Management's Instruction/ A Qualification for a Global Leader \ Strategic Thinking/ To Motivate Middle-class Employees /How to Evaluate the Management of the Company You Acquire/ The Leader Has to Train a Leader/ CEO's Commitments
Mr. Susumu Yanagisawa,
Chairman of
America-Japan Society.

What can we learn from TOYOTA recall issues? Global Human Resource Development
Outline of Toyota Vehicle Recalls/ Factors of Toyota Vehicle Recalls/ Globalization of Management/ Training Leaders/ Survey about Leadership of American Business Leaders/ Balance of Power between the Headquarter and Local Offices/ Communication in the U.S./ Customer-oriented Viewpoint/ Training Talent Who Can Realize Toyota Way/ Philosophy in the Beginnings of Toyota Motor Corporation
Mrs. Mari Nogami,
Brand Operations Leader, Vice President of Procter & Gamble

Case study of P&G: Global Human Resource Development
History of P&G/ P&G in Asia/ Purposes of P&G/ Talent Is More Important Than Brand/ P&Gfs Growth Strategy/ P&G's Talent Strategy/ Using Diverse Talent/ Japanese Talent Is Needed in Asia/ Proactive Leadership and Strategic Thinking/ Emotional Intelligence/ The Ability to Grasp the Market and Management Skill
Mr.Takeo Shiina,
Executive Advisor of IBM Japan, Ltd.

Development of Global Talents.
Human Resources/ Leadership Finnish economic reform/ Finnish role in EU/ Current situations about employment in Finland and its security for the unemployed/ Relationship with Russia/ Finnish immigration policy/ Financial crisis in 1990s and the measures by the government/ Income equality and workersf incentives/ High-level education and high-level unemployment rate/ Current situations about Finnish education
Mr. Yoshiro Kitahara
President of Lacras Corporation

Human resource management - How personnel divisions can concentrate on what they should do by using Information Technology
Human Resources/ Leadership To prevent employees from moving to other firms/ Education for employees in a corporation without a charismatic leader/ Corporate brands and employeesf motivation/ Fusion of Japanese and global human resources management systems/ Employment strategy assuming temporary workers/ Temporary employment corporations and life time employment corporations/ Outsourcing human resources management/ Inspiring motivation of middle-aged employees/ Employee evaluation system in the U.S. / American personnel and Japanese personnel/ Is the age of human resources department coming?
Dr. Atsushi Yoshikawa
Visiting Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate Schools and Head Researcher of The Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc.

Mr. Kensuke Watanabe
CEO of Delta Studio

The Solution for the Company Education Problems
Human Resources/ Leadership Effectiveness of corporate education/ Gaps between US and Japanese corporate cultures/ Exchange between employees/ A sense of value/ The fundamental difference between Japanese and American premises/ The importance of corporate education/ Problems about language education in Japan
Ms. Sakie T. Fukushima
Regional Managing Director-Japan of Korn/Ferry International

Requirements for Global Leaders
Human Resources/ Leadership To succeed in recruiting executives from other firms/ Management assessment service/ What kind of people are able to become top management of multinational corporations? / Using women workers/ Talents funds want to hire/ Problems about mindset/ Indian people as top executives/ Japanese peoplefs conservative swing
Mr. Megumi Niimura
Representative Director & Chairman of Beacon Communications K.K. and Executive Advisor of Dentsu Inc.

Japan/Japanese as a business partner
Human Resources/ Leadership What are useful Japanese advantages? /How to use diversity
Mr. Teruo Masaki
Former Executive Deputy President and Group General Council of Sony Corporation

What does it take for the Japanese to become truely global?
Human Resources/ Leadership Communication skill of Japanese people/ South Korea/ The relationship between sales division and journalists
Shinji Okuyama
Vice President of P&G Northeast Asia Pte.Ltd.

Human resource management and strategies of P&G: from local talents to global talents
Human Resources/ Leadership Human resources strategy in each division/ Sony/ Investing in human resources training and its return/ Coping with human resources issues in M&A/ Knowledge and wisdom/ What is required of Japanese people
Mr.Takashi Kurisaka
Egon Zehnder International

Requirements For Japanese Executives In Globally-based Corporations
Human Resources/ Leadership The difference between Japanese corporations and foreign corporations/ The institutions of studying at MBA programs of foreign universities/ Revenue structure of headhunting business/ M&A
Dr. Peter Lorange
president of IMD business school.

The CEO's Agenda
Human Resources/ Leadership Two factors for corporation growth/ CEOfs role in internal growth of corporations/ CEOs do not practice everything by themselves/ Exploiting outsourcing/ The role of headquarter/ More effective board of directors/ Strategy is to choose/ Characteristics of multinational corporations/ US CEO payroll/ Outsourcing to China
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Theme: Management Strategy/Case Studies Human Resources/ Leadership Corporate Governance Marketing Innovation Japanese Economy/ Society Global Market/ Management Others