Theme: Management Strategy/Case Studies Human Resources/ Leadership Corporate Governance Marketing Innovation Japanese Economy/ Society Global Market/ Management Others
Date SpeakerTopics Theme Point
Mr. Kazutaka Okubo
Managing Director of Shinnihon Integrity Assurance Inc.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Governance Corporate efforts at CSR/ Japanese university/Certified Public Accountant/ Setting the criteria on reputation/ Ethics/ Ritsuryo nation and industry laws/ Conflict of interest
Mr. Teruo Masaki
Executive Deputy President and Group General Council of Sony Corporation

CSR and Diversity
Corporate Governance CSR rating/ Stake holders and M&A/ Going back and forth between visions and operations/ Sony/ CSR and communication/ Womenfs activity and their motivation
Mr. Yoshio Nakatani
Former Chairman and CEO of Toyota Canada (currently Senior Managing Director of Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center)

Corporate Social Responsibility-Activities and Implementations of Toyota Canada
Corporate Governance What is CSR? / What Toyota Canada receive by contributing to local community/ Conditions to prevail CSR activities/ Toyota Canadafs management/ Criticism for the obsession with shareholder value / Corporate management, human resources, corporate culture and the future