Theme: Management Strategy/Case Studies Human Resources/ Leadership Corporate Governance Marketing Innovation Japanese Economy/ Society Global Market/ Management Others
Date Speaker&Topics Theme Point
Mr. Hiroshi Omata,
The former Executive Director of Dentsu Digital inc.

Marketing in the Digital age
Japan and American GDP growth in recent 20 years/Competition challenges in digital economy/Digitalization for marketing/DIgital marketing challenges/Defference between traditional marketing and modern marketing/Agile software development/Effect of Marketing automation/KPI and KGI to visualize management/Digital contents struggles
Mr. Fumihide Tomizawa,
The president & CEO of SoftBank Robotics Corp.

The future of Smart Robots
Overview for Softbank roboticcs/About Pepper/Trends in the Robots market/Impact of Robots on Society/New business model in robotics society/leadership for innovation
Mr. Shirou Kondou,
Executive Chairman of RICOH Corporation.

Innovation and Management
About richo/In a crisis situation in terms of management/Big Company Disease/Challenges to sustainable economic/ Founder Kiyoshi Ichimura/Customer value/Future of work/A talent for leadership/The product development process/Influence of politics
Mr. Hiroshi Igarashi,
The Member of the Board & Corporate Senior Vice President of AJINOMOTO Inc.

The Innovation for Achieving Non-continuous Growth
The Overview of AJINOMOTO/ The Revealed Challenges/ The Contents and Outcomes of M&A / The New Project/ The Current Situation on Non-continuous Growth in AJINOMOTO/ Future Prospects
Mr.Yoshihisa Yamada,
Executive Vice President, Representative Director, and CFO of Rakuten, Inc.

Estimate of near future: Change of the world and business
Future IT (Genetics, Robotics and more)/ Business revolution lead by inspiration/ Risk-taking culture/ Prospects of Rakuten/ Sports and IT/ Possibility of Japan and Diversity of Tokyo/ Transition of industrial structure leads to the change of financial system/ Smart communities/ Innovation has a dilemma of misusing/ Primary differences of Japan and the US
Dr. Michael St?ckradt
Vice Minister of Ministry of Innovation, Science,Research and Technology of the State Northrhine-Westfalia

Shaping the Future through Innovation
Innovation Japanese corporations in NRW/ Bridge for industry-university cooperation/ Concern about outflow of technology/ NRWfs advantage as the center of innovation / Industry worldfs needs and university education/ Tasks for creating outstanding innovations/ Japan-Germany industry-university cooperation
Mr. Riaz Esmailzadeh
Associate Professor ofCarnegie Mellon University

Monegement of technology (MOT) (Case study)
Innovation The goal of MOT/ Qualifications and expertise for CIO/ The difference between CIO and CTO/ Significanc of business school/ Corporate education and business school/ The roles of chief officers/ Corporate missions of Starbucks/ Diversity