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Ms. Ginny Parker
Tokyo Correspondent, Tokyo Bureau of The Wall Street Journal

About female business executives in Japan
Japanese Economy/ Society Office ladies in Japan/ Mental health care for women/ Women to watch/ Mental role model/ A decline in birth rates and solving workforce shortage/ Shortage of female managers/ How to communicate with her men/ How to balance family and work
Mr. Akira Imai
Former President and CEO of Toyota Europe and current President and CEO of Delphis Inc.

How Toyota developed its business in Europe
Global Market/ Management History of Toyota Europe/ Toyotafs advantage/ Tools for cost cut/ How to send a message/ Toyota brand/ Strategic thinking / Inspiring local staff membersf motivation/ The position of R&D/ Points to succeed in making products in foreign markets/ Future goals in EU/ Chinese market
Dr. Peter Lorange
president of IMD business school.

The CEO's Agenda
Human Resources/ Leadership Two factors for corporation growth/ CEOfs role in internal growth of corporations/ CEOs do not practice everything by themselves/ Exploiting outsourcing/ The role of headquarter/ More effective board of directors/ Strategy is to choose/ Characteristics of multinational corporations/ US CEO payroll/ Outsourcing to China
Mr. Tadashi Minami
President of Hitachi Hybrid Network Co., Ltd.

Innovative changes from subsidiary company
Management Strategy/Case Studies Hitachifs constitution/ Valuing education/ High value added is defined by the profit rate/ Reviewing evaluation methods / Encouraging communication/ How to succeed in global markets/ Internal growth after M&A
-First Wednesday Special- | |
Ms. Risa Tanaka
Executive Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Sendenkaigi

Current Marketing Trends in Japan
Marketing Active communication methods/ Marketing strategy in terms of ROI/ Corporate brand and publicity/ Holistic approach/ Exploiting PR and collaboration with advertising/ Elements of corporate value /Advertisement is the top managementfs most important role/ The future of advertising
Mr. Yoshikazu Nakashima
Chief Operating Officer of General Motors Japan

The issues and challenges GM Japan is facing today
Management Strategy/Case Studies Outlook of Japanese automobile industry/ Why European brands? / Image of American vehicles/ How to rebuild corporate image/ Marketing in Asia/ Sales promotion for Japanese young people/ Sales promotion for people in 30s and 40s/ Market research/ Sales network
Mr. Werner Geissler
President-Northeast Asia of Procter & Gamble Far East (currently President-Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa)

P&G's Marketing Strategy in Japan
Marketing Outline of P&G/ Six principles/ Challenge as CEO/ Stakeholders vs. shareholders/ Channel management
Mr. Junro Ito
Director & General Manager of Seven-Eleven Japan

Strengths and Challenges of Seven-Eleven Japan
Management Strategy/Case Studies Outline of Seven Eleven/ Deflation in the society of abundant goods/ Characteristics of Seven Elevenfs customers/ Product policy/ Seven Elevenfs competitive advantage/ Advertising communication/ Cope with problems in rural areas/ Merchandising/ Points of Tanpin Kanri
Mr. Hajime Ohwatari
President of Hoken-Dohjinsha

Medical Reform in Japan
Management Strategy/Case Studies Medical care is culture/ Aging society/ Japan Council for Quality Health Care/ Clinical training/ Pediatric medical care in serious situation/ Electronic clinical record system/ Three types of doctors/ The definition of a home doctor/ Education for doctors/ Making hospitals corporations
Mr. Yoshio Nakatani
Former Chairman and CEO of Toyota Canada (currently Senior Managing Director of Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center)

Corporate Social Responsibility-Activities and Implementations of Toyota Canada
Corporate Governance What is CSR? / What Toyota Canada receive by contributing to local community/ Conditions to prevail CSR activities/ Toyota Canadafs management/ Criticism for the obsession with shareholder value / Corporate management, human resources, corporate culture and the future
-First Wednesday Special-
Mr. James R. Stengel
Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble Company

Strengths and Challenges of P&G
Marketing |
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