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Shinji Okuyama
Vice President of P&G Northeast Asia Pte.Ltd.

Human resource management and strategies of P&G: from local talents to global talents
Human Resources/ Leadership Human resources strategy in each division/ Sony/ Investing in human resources training and its return/ Coping with human resources issues in M&A/ Knowledge and wisdom/ What is required of Japanese people
Mr.Nobuo Momose
Senior Managing Director of Lotte Co.,LTD.

The Lotte Corporation: its business development and the new business
Management Strategy/Case Studies Lottefs business structure/ Lottefs business model/ Lottefs new business/ Theme park business
Mr.Tatsuji Matsui
President&CEO of Dentsu Tec Inc.

The Sales Promotion As an answer of various client needs
Marketing Overworking issues/ Dentsu Tecfs identity/ Possibility of the firm specializing in promotion/ Current consumerfs trend
Mr.Takashi Kurisaka
Egon Zehnder International

Requirements For Japanese Executives In Globally-based Corporations
Human Resources/ Leadership The difference between Japanese corporations and foreign corporations/ The institutions of studying at MBA programs of foreign universities/ Revenue structure of headhunting business/ M&A
Dr. Yoshihiro Tajima
President of Gakushuin(Kindergarten to University) and Honorary Chairman, The Distribution Economics Institute of Japan

Management & Marketing.
Marketing Japanese peoplefs thinking way/ Bureaucratism/ Getting rid of bureaucratism and its way
Mr. Yukoh Kawamura
Chairman & CEO of Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Business Publications in Japan-Perspectives from the top business publication in Japan.
Management Strategy/Case Studies Threat of Internet/ Adjustment to the structural change/ English magazines in Japan/ The management of media corporations/ Development in foreign markets/ Journalistfs ability
Mr. Fumio Koma
Partner, Asahi & Koma Law Offices

Opportunities and issues related to "M&A" from the perspective of lawyers.
Management Strategy/Case Studies Who owns a corporation? Arguments that are lacking employeesf perspectives are prevailing/ Who owns a corporation? There is an option of not going public
Dr. Peter Lorange
President of IMD, Lausanne Switzerland

Marketing-Better utilization of Marketing from the standpoint of Corporate Leaders.
Marketing Marketing tasks the management holds/ CEOfs role/ Branding strategy/ Understanding consumers
Mr. Teruo Masaki
Executive Deputy President and Group General Council of Sony Corporation

CSR and Diversity
Corporate Governance CSR rating/ Stake holders and M&A/ Going back and forth between visions and operations/ Sony/ CSR and communication/ Womenfs activity and their motivation
Ms. Hiroko Wada
Former Vice President of Procter & Gamble Far East Inc. and former COO of Toys"R" Us - Japan, and current CEO of Office Wada

Mr. Nobuo Momose
Former Executive Vice President ofDentsu and former Chairman of beacon communications, and current Chairman of Kishi & Associates K.K.

Marketing and Diversity
Marketing Diversity/ Marketing/ Sonyfs technology orientation and P&Gfs marketing orientation
Mr. Akira Imai
Former President and CEO of Toyota Europe and current President and CEO of Delphis Inc.

Japanese management Pros & Cons from US/European perspectives
Global Market/ Management Places for free discussions/ Ethics about market and ethics about governance/ The top management has to share visions with employees in the age of diversity
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