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Mr.Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss
Representative Director and Vice President of DaimlerChrysler Japan Co., Ltd.

Automotive Marketing Global View
Marketing Future tasks of Mercedes Benz/ Choosing the segments we should concentrate on/ Toyotafs hybrid technology/The relationship between corporate brands and product brands/ Mercedesf effort to develop high technology/ Communication with consumers/ Japanese corporationsf effort to maintain consistency/ Implementing a communication program and its effect/ Adjusting the gaps between global and local markets
Mr. Megumi Niimura
Representative Director & Chairman of Beacon Communications K.K. and Executive Advisor of Dentsu Inc.

Japan/Japanese as a business partner
Human Resources/ Leadership What are useful Japanese advantages? /How to use diversity
Mr. Masahiko Uotani
Representative Director & Chairman of Coca-Cola (Japan) Company,Limited.

Case studies of global brand originated from Japan
Marketing Position of gCoca-Colah products/ Generation problem/ Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi in Japanese market/ Brand management system/ To make Japan the center for sending information/ Positioning a corporate brand and a product brand/gLexush/ The difference of marketing processes between Western market and Japanese market/ Ideal talents
Mr. Junro Ito
Director & General Manager of Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.

-First Wednesday Special-
Others The origin of First Wednesday/ Characteristics of First Wednesday
Mr. Kyohei Noguchi
General manager, Global Marketing Department of Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.

The effective synergy created by local and global marketing
Marketing The global headquartersf role/The points to note in developing campaigns/ Brand strategies/ Luxury brand/ Nissanfs technology/Mr. Ghosnfs management/Brand value/ I Nissan/ Internetfs influence/ Local officesf stance on global market
Mr. Kazutaka Okubo
Managing Director of Shinnihon Integrity Assurance Inc.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Governance Corporate efforts at CSR/ Japanese university/Certified Public Accountant/ Setting the criteria on reputation/ Ethics/ Ritsuryo nation and industry laws/ Conflict of interest
Mr. Fumio Koma
Partner,Asahi & Koma Law Offices

The new leniency program and its implication
Management Strategy/Case Studies Leniency system/ Internal audit /Plea bargain/ Antitrust Law/ The role of lawyers/ Bar associationfs orientation
Dr. Peter Lorange
President of IMD, Lausanne Switzerland

Growth and Entrepreneurship
Management Strategy/Case Studies Decision-making speed/ Individualism and team spirits/ Bad effects of the Sarbanes?Oxley Act/ Corporate culture/ Management after charismatic leaders/ University education/ Active action and risk control
Mr. Mitsuhiro Kurokawa
President of Toraya

Tradition realized by continuous innovation
Management Strategy/Case Studies gTORAYA CAFEh and Toraya /Toraya / Development in foreign markets/ Brand protection/ Bar association/ Marketing: Two approaches
Mr. Kinya Uchida
Former President & CEO of Canon U.S.A., Inc.(currently Corporate Adviser of Canon Inc.)

International Management: based on 35 years of managing Canon Group Companies overseas
Global Market/ Management Canon France/Canonfs global management/ IT bubble/Canon: Middle-term management strategy/ Canon: Separation of sales and production units and consolidated management
Dr. Zhu Jianrong
Professor of Toyo Gakuen University

Influence of domestic issues in China on Japanese corporations and on Japan-China relationship
Global Market/ Management Chinafs internal situations/ Chinese Corporation/China, South Korea and Europe/ North Korea Issue/ Japanese and Chinese media/ Support for Chinese students/ How to settle the Yasukuni issue
Mr. Teruo Masaki
Former Executive Deputy President and Group General Council of Sony Corporation

What does it take for the Japanese to become truely global?
Human Resources/ Leadership Communication skill of Japanese people/ South Korea/ The relationship between sales division and journalists
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