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Mr. Riaz Esmailzadeh
Associate Professor ofCarnegie Mellon University

Monegement of technology (MOT) (Case study)
Innovation The goal of MOT/ Qualifications and expertise for CIO/ The difference between CIO and CTO/ Significanc of business school/ Corporate education and business school/ The roles of chief officers/ Corporate missions of Starbucks/ Diversity
Mr. Nelson Graves
Editor of REUTERS Japan Limited

The reasons why Reuters, BBC, Financial Times and Economist maintain and enjoy top media positions
Management Strategy/Case Studies M&A of foreign media/ M&A of Japanese media/ Competition for sending news between media and IT companies/ News Corporation and China/ Japanese press club/ Gaps between domestic perspectives and foreign perspectives/ Qualifications for an excellent editor and journalist/ Unification of Korean Peninsula/ The future of Japanese media industry/ Japanese media\Their coverage tends to heat up and stop very quickly
Dr. Atsushi Yoshikawa
Visiting Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate Schools and Head Researcher of The Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc.

Mr. Kensuke Watanabe
CEO of Delta Studio

The Solution for the Company Education Problems
Human Resources/ Leadership Effectiveness of corporate education/ Gaps between US and Japanese corporate cultures/ Exchange between employees/ A sense of value/ The fundamental difference between Japanese and American premises/ The importance of corporate education/ Problems about language education in Japan
Dr. Naoyuki Yoshino
Professor of Economics, Keio Universityand Director of Finacial Research Training Center

Exchange Rate of Asia, Bond Market of Asia, Money Market of Asia
Japanese Economy/ Society Foreign exchange market/ Accepting foreign workers/ To solve deficit finance/ Japanese education/ The difference between makers and financial institutions/ The relationship between educational institutions and corporations/ The definition of national minimum and civil minimum
Mr. Roger Brookin
Executive Strategic Advisor of Kishi & Associates k.k.

Business Management to Museum Management
Marketing The relationship between strategic marketing and creativity/ The difference between marketing methods of various industries/ Differentiation of products/ Strategic marketing and organization system/ What is a lasting brand?/ Strategic marketing in the automobile industry
Mr. Yoshikazu Nakashima
Deputy Director of The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

Business Management to Museum Management
Management Strategy/Case Studies Criteria for evaluating management/ The process of deciding the content of exhibitions/ Balance of science and technology/ Cooperation with Asian countries/ Difficulty of reforming in a bureaucratic organization / Visions and supporters/ To increase visitors to the museum/ Effectiveness of advertisement
Ms. Sakie T. Fukushima
Regional Managing Director-Japan of Korn/Ferry International

Requirements for Global Leaders
Human Resources/ Leadership To succeed in recruiting executives from other firms/ Management assessment service/ What kind of people are able to become top management of multinational corporations? / Using women workers/ Talents funds want to hire/ Problems about mindset/ Indian people as top executives/ Japanese peoplefs conservative swing
Dr. Peter Lorange
President of IMD, Lausanne Switzerland

-First Wednesday Special-
New Global Leadership Challenges

Address by Mr. Yutaka Narita, Principal Advisor of Dentsu Group
Management Strategy/Case Studies Negating pyramid-style organizations/ Organizations valuing actions/ Entrepreneurs inside corporations/ Human resources management encouraging more actions/ Budget process encouraging more actions/ Internal growth
Mr. Yasumichi Oka
Creative Director/CEO of TUGBOAT

Good Communication and Bad Communication
Marketing How to use research data/ Instinct and logic/ Utilizing corporate logos/ B to B advertisement/ For TV commercials to survive/ Advertising as a message to employees/ The birth of MAGABON/ The evolution of billboard advertising/ Necessity for clients to have professionalism
Mr. Yoshio Nakatani
Senior Managing Director of Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center (Former Chairman and CEO of Toyota Canada)

How the Automobile Recycling has Changed the Society
Management Strategy/Case Studies High level of Japanese car recycle system in the world/ Managing recycle fees and inflation hedge/ Inspection system in car recycling/ International effort at recycling cars/ Common recognition of the various factions in the recycle center/ Tasks of electric appliance recycle/The birth of ELV Recycling Law/ Japanese peoplefs awareness about recycle/ Scope of automobile makersf responsibility/ Automobile makersf effort at using recycle materials/ What is the best way for environment of the earth?
Mr. Toshitaka Yoshida
Executive Advisor of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.Former President of Nikkei Radio Broadcasting, Former President of Nikkei Europe Ltd.

-First Wednesday Special-Japan: Global Outlook 2007
Japanese Economy/ Society World economy/ International politics/ Japan in 2007
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