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Mr.Jorma Julin
Ambassador of Finland

Finnish Market: Attraction and Opportunities for Japanese Companies(Tentative Title)
Global Market/ Management Finnish economic reform/ Finnish role in EU/ Current situations about employment in Finland and its security for the unemployed/ Relationship with Russia/ Finnish immigration policy/ Financial crisis in 1990s and the measures by the government/ Income equality and workersf incentives/ High-level education and high-level unemployment rate/ Current situations about Finnish education
Mr. Tunenari Tokugawa
the 18th head of Tokugawa Family
and Former Executive Vice President of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha

Japanese Culture in the World -from a Businessman's Point of View -(Tentative Title)
Japanese Economy/ Society Power structure in Japanese companies and Edo Agefs influence on it/ Leadership in western countries and the delegation of power in Japan/ Study of Edo Age in the world/ What the word gpublich means/ Qualifications for an excellent leader/ Evaluations for history and the future of Japan/ Heavy reliance on technology in environmental issues/ Evaluations for Japanese wars in modern age
Mr. Arno Tomowski
ThyssenKrup Group Representative

Japanese Market: Attraction for German Global Companies(Tentative Title)
Global Market/ Management World-wide reorganizations of the steel industry/ Japanese and German as business partners\The importance of sharing a sense of value in choosing business partners/ Which country will win out in the global market/ American capitalism and Japanese sense of value/ Business chances in the megatrends age/ Management of a multinational conglomerate/ Responsibility for the next generation/ The difference between German products and Japanese products
Dr. Zhu Jianrong
Professor ofToyo Gakuen University

Chaina after the Beijing Olympics
Global Market/ Management US, Russia, China and Japanese foreign policy/ Contribution by Japanese companies in China/ Business manner of Chinese people/ Chinafs involvement in international society and the gap between have and have-not/ Reactions to Chinese products/ Chinese government measures to gChina freeh/ Chinese nationalism and its national visions
Mr. Koji Saishu
Council Member of Japan Arab Association

Middle East and Japan -High Oil Price and Oil Money-
Global Market/ Management Technology assistance Japanese companies can give/ D8 (a group of developing countries with large Muslim populations) and Japan/ Japanese companiesf talent training/ Islamic society and management/ Saudi Arabia\The legitimacy of sovereignty and the future of the country/ Japanese people and Islam/ Elements binding Middle East society/ Religion and world peace/ Bilderberg Club and oil price/ Gaps between globalizing world and Islamic society/Systems for collecting information about regional and world affairs
Mr. Theodore A. Paradise
Partner of Davis Polk & Wardwell

U.S.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Japanese Corporations (Tentative Title)
Global Market/ Management Conditions of bribery/ Jurisdictional reach of the FCPA outside of the U.S. / Japan-U.S. joint ventures in China/ Policy of US Department of Justice\ Prosecuting not firms but individuals/ BAE case\Investigations blocked by US government, conditions for prosecution, appliance outside of the U.S./ Case study\(1)Significance (2)Two methods of logical thinking (3)Lack of global perspectives in case study education of American universities/ American perspectives and todayfs China/ Flaw of FCPA and exporting American moral
Dr. Michael St?ckradt
Vice Minister of Ministry of Innovation, Science,Research and Technology of the State Northrhine-Westfalia

Shaping the Future through Innovation
Innovation Japanese corporations in NRW/ Bridge for industry-university cooperation/ Concern about outflow of technology/ NRWfs advantage as the center of innovation / Industry worldfs needs and university education/ Tasks for creating outstanding innovations/ Japan-Germany industry-university cooperation
Mr. Yoshiro Kitahara
President of Lacras Corporation

Human resource management - How personnel divisions can concentrate on what they should do by using Information Technology
Human Resources/ Leadership To prevent employees from moving to other firms/ Education for employees in a corporation without a charismatic leader/ Corporate brands and employeesf motivation/ Fusion of Japanese and global human resources management systems/ Employment strategy assuming temporary workers/ Temporary employment corporations and life time employment corporations/ Outsourcing human resources management/ Inspiring motivation of middle-aged employees/ Employee evaluation system in the U.S. / American personnel and Japanese personnel/ Is the age of human resources department coming?
Dr. Franz Waldenberger
Professor for Japanese economy at the Japan Center and the Faculty of Business ofMunich University

Successful lobbying in the EU - Lessons for Japanese companies: how should Japanese companies become well connected with EU institutions?
Global Market/ Management EU regulations are progressive and ideal/ Elements supporting EU regulations/ The process of GR/ Japanese lobbying in EU/ Opaqueness of EU legislation process/ EU and Russia/ The future of EU/ The possibility of economic community in Asia/ The rise of Chinafs presence
Mr. Shiban Bakshi
Senior Principalof Dua Consulting

Investing in India "Key to Successful Strategic Alliance"
Global Market/ Management Outlook about Indian economy/ Distinguished industrial sectors in India/ The form of investing in India/ Strategies for investing India
Mr. Reo Watanabe
President & CEO of Dentsu| Avenue A | Razorfish

A case study: the management of Dentsu and its group companies
Management Strategy/Case Studies The necessity of global network in the age of internet advertisement/ Inspiring motivation of employees/ Nissanfs incentive system/ System for encouraging individuals to send information/ The potential of B to B internet advertisements / Womenfs positions in Dentsu/ Internet advertisements from newspaper companiesf perspectives/ Recruiting the executives from other firms
-First Wednesday Special "New Year Social Gathering"- | |
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