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Mr.Takeo Shiina,
Executive Advisor of IBM Japan, Ltd.

Development of Global Talents.
Human Resources/ Leadership To be a global business person/ IBMfs management training program/ Japanese multinational corporationsf management training programs/ Be a patriot before being an international person/ The future of the computer industry/ Negotiations between American parent company and its Japanese subsidiary/ Japanese mediafs globalization/ Training for a successor/ To create a person of high caliber
Mr.Norio Yamaguchi,
Representative Director, Chairman of the Board of Ajinomoto Co Inc

The Global Management of AJINOMOTO
Management Strategy/Case Studies The origin of Ajinomoto Group/ Important elements of global management/ Ajinomotofs global talent training/ Reorganization of food industry/ Ajinomotofs human resources value/ Creating systems for globalization/ Ajinomotofs investment management/ Ajinomotofs corporate culture/ Philosophy of Ajinomoto Group

Management Strategy/Case Studies Part1 Management philosophy of multinational corporationsf top management / Part 2 Global talents\ From the perspectives of top management fighting in global market
Mr. Charles D. Lake II,
Chairman of the Board, Aflac Japan, President Emeritus of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. (ACCJ)

Outlook for U.S.-Japan relationship: Obama's economic policy and Japan's choice.
Management Strategy/Case Studies 5 tasks\the foundations of Americafs growth and prosperity / Comprehensive policies for strengthening Americafs international competitiveness/ Scenarios for US economyfs recovery/ What US expect of Japan/ Market fundamentalism and finance supremacism/ US education reform/ Obamafs incomparable qualifications/ Aflacfs talent training/ Qualifications for playing active roles at international conferences
Mr.Yoshikazu Nakashima,
Deputy Director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Former COO (President) &Representing Director of General Motors Japan, Former President of BMW JAPAN Corp

Why the mighty General Motors fall and Outlook for global automobile industry
Management Strategy/Case Studies Complication of management (disadvantage of matrix management)/ Who dominates the two major markets? / The future of Japanese automobile industry/ The future of US automobile industry/ Centripetal force inside Toyota/ How to manage staff members and organizations/ Toyotafs management philosophy
Mr.Hiroshi Nakada,
the Mayor of Yokohama

Management of Yokohama
Japanese Economy/ Society To function politics/ Financial austerity and economic downturn/ From government surveillance to market surveillance/ Examples that decentralization can solve problems/ Current systems that weaken incentives for reforms/ Society of government surveillance and Japanese peoplefs dependence/ Raison dfetre as a statesman/ Priority of political issues and periods of their settlements/ Japanese administrative structure: It must be drastically reformed/ Role models for Yokohama City
Mr.Masatoshi Ito,
Founder and honorary chairman of Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd

The Heart of Doing Business: Memoirs of an Entrepreneur
Management Strategy/Case Studies My background/ Severity in overseas / Business personfs world, gcompanies go bankrupth/ The axis of life/ Seriousness/ What is credibility? / The fundamentals of business/ Dr. Peter Drucker/ Birdfs eyes/ Insectfs eyes/ Fishfs eyes
Mr.Nelson Graves,
Editor of Thomson Reuter Japan

The Outlook of media industry and Reuterfs strategy
Management Strategy/Case Studies Background of media industry crisis/ The birth of internet and the change of news cycle/ Existing media that have trouble in adjusting to new environment / Media industryfs change and Reuters history/ Commoditization of news / The future of print media/ Business models news paper companies should adopt/ Disciplines first class media maintain/ Reutersf missions and disciplines/ Global perspectives and regional perspectives/ Share Asiafs information and Japanfs information
Mr.Kazuo Noda,
Honorary President of Tama University

Leadership in the Current Crisis
Japanese Economy/ Society Education reform/ Japanese people just after World War II/ Virtues of Japanese people/ Social science is useless/ 3 kinds of information for judging situations/ Real crisis for Japan/ Deteriorating morals in Japanese society/ The significance of learning from secondhand information/ Modern people are losing profundity
Mr.Yasuchika Hasegawa,
President of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Takeda's Globalization
Global Market/ Management -
Mr.Shijuro Ogata,
Former Deputy Govenor of Bank of Japan and Japan Development Bank

Financial Crisis and Japan in 2009
Japanese Economy/ Society Five phases of financial crisis/ Four differences between financial crisis in 2008 and Japanese financial crisis in 1990s/ Influence on Japan/ Economic recovery 2003 through 2007 / From the occurrence of subprime loan crisis to the present/ The possibility of dollar collapse/ The strength of America/ The perspective of foreign exchange market\US dollar and Japanese yen / Keynesianism or neoliberalism? /Japan in the age of post-financial capitalism/ Japan is a country of good soldiers but poor commanders/ Model deficit countries, not model surplus countries/ The essence of bubble\ It is hard to modify autonomously/ The role of World Economic Forum/ Scandinavian model\ Japan should learn from it about social and economic system/ Big government or small government? We need a wise government
Mr.Uichiro Niwa,
Chairman of Itochu Corporation

Leadership for Enhancing Japanese Companies Global Competitiveness
Japanese Economy/ Society Financial crisis and global economy/ Japanese problems/ The ways for Japan to survive/ How to create a talent who can play an active role in global market/ Women as the labor force/ The future of Japanese technology/ Limited water resources and Japan/ Employment issues/ Policies for revitalizing Japan/ M&A as a tool for the growth/ Change Japanese peoplefs minds to create new technology/ Requirements to create new venture businesses/ Japanese companiesf foreign market development and their security/ How to use IT/ Japanfs immigration policy
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