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Date Speaker&Topics Theme Point
Mr.Georg K. Loeer,
Representative Director & President of NRW Japan K.K.

How can/should the government be involved in the corporate activities in the global market?
Management Strategy/Case Studies -
Mr.Kazuyasu Kato,
Chairman of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited.

Kirin: Global Management
Management Strategy/Case Studies Three Qualifications a Leader Must Satisfy/ Kirin Group Vision 2015/ Strategy for an Integrated Beverage Group/ Employeesf Participation in Management/ Pursue Consistency/ Alliance with Foreign Companies for Creating a Synergy/ How to Change Corporate Culture/ Kirinfs Strategy for Chinese and Asian Market/ Young People Do Not Drink Alcohol Beverages?
Mr.Marcel Bertaud,
Senior Advisor of Groupe Danone.

Danone: Global Management
Management Strategy/Case Studies The Factor for Evianfs Success/ As the leader of Danone Asian-Pacific / Danonefs History/ Development of Japanese Corporations in Asian Market/ Localization in Asian Market/ About North Asiafs Market/ Japanese and Philanthropy/ Activity in Cambodia
Mr. Kyohei Noguchi,
General Manager of Global Brand Communication & CSR at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Case study of Nissan: Global brand communication and Human resource development
Management Strategy/Case Studies Brand identity: redesign and challenges/New communication approach: Emotional value/Global human resource development/Cross-functional and cross-regional human resource development/Relationship between local and global/Idea on human resource development
Mr.Kohzoh Takaoka,
Executive Vice President and Representative Director of Nestle Japan Ltd.

Nestle: Global Management
Management Strategy/Case Studies Nestlefs 4 strategic pillars/New Business model development/How to localize global brand/Relationship between local and global/Re-definition of KitKat/PR strategy/Emotional value and functional value
Mr. Shigetada Kishii,
Special senior editor of the Mainichi Shimbun.

A historic change in Japanfs politics?
Japanese Economy/ Society The US-Japan Relationship/What a leader requires/The Japanese politics of wa (harmony)/Japanese political system/the future of Japanese politics/Japanese Prime Minister: its role/Listening to consumers and voters
Mr. Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss,
Member of the Board, Senior Vice President Head of Sales & Service International,Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Challenges for global Japanese manufacturers: Case study of international truck and bus industry
Management Strategy/Case Studies Automotive trends with strong impact on industry structure/Global trade pattern driven by WTO trade rules/Cooperation/Alliances in the global Truck industry/Daimler Trucks: Global Excellence Program/Mitsubishi Fuso's global business driving ahead
Mr.Akira Gemma,
Senior Corporate Advisor of SHISEIDO Co., Ltd.

Shiseido: Global Management
Management Strategy/Case Studies Shiseidofs principles/ Absolute values: gBeautyh/ 8 conditions for genuine gBrandh/ The entry strategy to China market/ Human resource development in Shiseido/ DNA of globalization/ How to make employees understand the companyfs principles
Mr.Nelson Graves,
Editor of Reuters, Japan

Japanfs Future
Japanese Economy/ Society Two possible scenarios of Japanese future/gpale blueh scenario/gbright redh scenario/ Japanese society: Courtesy, Cleanliness, Safety, Service, Homogeneity/Weakness: Jobs for life, Indecisiveness, The group always before the individual, Corporate coddling, Resistance to change, Insularity
Mr.Keijo Syuku,
Vice Chairman of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan, President & CEO of Taiyo System Technology Co., Ltd

Chinese Market, Chinese Corporations (as a partner), Chinese Employees/Talents in Japan
Global Market/ Management Notices about conducting business in China/ Future relationship between Japan and China/ Getting into Chinese market\ Most importantly, establishing the relationship with Chinese government/ IT industry in China/ Joint venture with Chinese corporations/ Market economy and Chinese classes/ Chinese students in Japan/ Issues for Japanese corporations in Chinese market
Mr.Hisashi Sakamaki,

Case study of CANON: How to revive the subsidiary companies
Japanese Economy/ Society Management is making a profit/ Cutting useless costs/ Importance of realizing current situations/ Changing employees eminds/ What is an ideal company for employees? / The goal must be brief and simple, and it must be repeated /What are qualifications for excellent managers?/ To succeed a reform/ Motivating foreign staff members/ The relationship between a parent company and its subsidiary/ Canonfs patent strategy / The future of Japanese makers
Mr.Yasue Sekiguchi,
Dow Jones International (Managing Director/North Asia)
Dow Jones Japan K.K. President.

International media and Communication strategy of corporations
Japanese Economy/ Society Speedup of information transmission in global society/ Case study 1- UTC/ Case study 2- Royal Dutch Shell/ Case study 3- GE/ Case study 4- Toyota/ Case study 5- Samsung/ The role of advertisement in corporate communication/ Dow Jonesf business model and the future of newspaper / Regional characteristics of online and print media/ Campaignfs ROI/ Japanese companiesf corporate communications to foreign countries