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Mr. Yoichi Nagasawa,
(Fashion designer, Professor of KANAZAWA COLLEDGE OF ART) “Design of Management ~ Outlook for global fashion industry and Chinese market~”.

Case study of SAMUSUNG SDI: Global management and Global Human Resource Development.
History of Japanese fashion/Learning Chinese companies/ Japanese apparel maker in China/ Necessity of visual communication/Appreciation education of Amelia Arenas
Mr. Noboru Sato,
Managing Director of SAMUSUNG SDI.

Case study of SAMUSUNG SDI: Global management and Global Human Resource Development.
The Organization of Samsung Group/Amoeba Management of Samsung/Talented Person and Education/The Change of World Population and the Future: New Industry Development of Opportunity/Samsung Group's Projects and R&D Investment Strategy/ Positive Point of The South Korean Industry/Negative Point of The South Korean Industrial World/ Analysis of Main Samsung Industry/Analysis of Weak Samsung Industry/Partnership Cooperation Strategy
Mr. Terry F. Buss,
Executive Director and Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Heinz College Australia Carnegie Mellon University.

Carnegie Mellon University Future Leaders in the Global Market.
What's Globalization/4 Keys oh Foundation /4 Points for Global Leadership/1.Chaging Type and Coopolating Type/2.Don't Force the Values of West/Practical Ethics/Essential Element For Leadership/ Education / Accept Failure Flexibility
Mr. Ritsuya Oku,
Chief Researcher of DENTSU INC.

Trends in global media.
Mr. Waichi Sekiguchi
Senior Editor of Nikkei inc.

Escaping from GALAPAGOS.
The Decline of Japanese Competitiveness and Spread of the Internet/ Galapagos and Japanese Corporations Losing Their Presence/ Backgrounds for Galapagos/ Escaping from Galapagos ―Five Solutions/ How to Implement Five Solutions/ Self-sufficiency and Standardization/Acceleration of Globalization and Media’s Role/ Strengths of Korean Corporations/ Maintaining Employment/ Development in Emerging Markets/ Horizontal Specialization or Vertical Integration/ The Importance of Entering the Standardized Product Markets
Mr. Minoru Okamoto,
Chairman of TE Japan GK, Senior Advisor to the CEO TE Connectivity.

Case study of TE Japan GK: Global management and Global Human Resource Development
Present a Long-term strategy/ Leadership Development Framework/ Global Leader Training Program/ The Roles of a Leader ―Strategy, Implementation, and Talent/ Criteria for Evaluation ―Action Is Important/ Succession Plan/ Beautiful Environments and Top Management's Instruction/ A Qualification for a Global Leader ― Strategic Thinking/ To Motivate Middle-class Employees /How to Evaluate the Management of the Company You Acquire/ The Leader Has to Train a Leader/ CEO's Commitments
Mr. Ken Millhouse,
Representative Director/Vice President of
LEGO Japan Ltd.

Case study of LEGO: Global management and Global Human Resource Development
Outline of Lego/ Lego's Value/ Lego's History ― Five Historical Phases/ Japanese Market's Uniqueness ― Communication and IP/ Lego's Brand and Value― The Source of Its Strength/ The Difference between Japanese Market and Western Market/ The Difference between American Market and European Market/ Adaption to Individual Market
Mr. Masashi Niwa,
Managing Director Japan Representative of
Mr. Fumio Kom,
MPartner of
Baker & McKenzie Tokyo Aoyama Aoki Law Office (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise).

Japan’s outlook: after 3/11
The Current Situation of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant/ Impact on Domestic Industry and the Number of Bankruptcy/ Five Suggestions to Rebuild Japan/ Toward New World Order/ Lost Two Decades/ Communication Skill of Japanese People/ The Gap between Media Information and Reality―The Report about Radiated Water/ Japan Is Required for Sending Its Message
Mr. Shoji Kinoshita,
Representative Director and President of
Unilever Japan K.K.(retired).

Case study of Unilever: Global management and Global Human Resource Development
Outline of Unilever/ Concentration on Consumer Goods Which Have Brand Value/ Ethics of Unilever/ Conduct Norms Leaders Should Have/ Qualifications of a Leader/ Unilever's Vision Shared with Its Employees/ Matrix Organization/ Concentration on Advantageous Fields/ Outstanding Brand Marketing/ The Relationship between the Headquarter and Local offices― The Comparison of Unilever, Kao, and P&G
Mr. Susumu Yanagisawa,
Chairman of
America-Japan Society.

What can we learn from TOYOTA recall issues? Global Human Resource Development
Outline of Toyota Vehicle Recalls/ Factors of Toyota Vehicle Recalls/ Globalization of Management/ Training Leaders/ Survey about Leadership of American Business Leaders/ Balance of Power between the Headquarter and Local Offices/ Communication in the U.S./ Customer-oriented Viewpoint/ Training Talent Who Can Realize Toyota Way/ Philosophy in the Beginnings of Toyota Motor Corporation
Mrs. Mari Nogami,
Brand Operations Leader, Vice President of Procter & Gamble

Case study of P&G: Global Human Resource Development
History of P&G/ P&G in Asia/ Purposes of P&G/ Talent Is More Important Than Brand/ P&G’s Growth Strategy/ P&G's Talent Strategy/ Using Diverse Talent/ Japanese Talent Is Needed in Asia/ Proactive Leadership and Strategic Thinking/ Emotional Intelligence/ The Ability to Grasp the Market and Management Skill
Mr. Mikio Sugeno,
Senior Staff Writer of

2011 Economic and Political Outlook: Japan and World
Japanese Economy/ Society 2011: The Year of Growing Uncertainty / The Year of Facing New Reality/ Messages from Leaders Suggesting Changes/ Values Dominant in 2010s/ Aging Society Is Coming/ Change in the Quality of Information/ World Economy Called "2 Speed" / Where Is Global Risk?/ What Is Essential to Rebuild Japan?