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Mr. Kenji Nagano,
Representative of BS Japan.

Outlook for Japan economy
Lost two decades- a turning point of Japanese system and capitalism/ What we have learned from the defeat/ What is the essence of capitalism/ Japanese style of capitalism/ Problem of Japanese government/ Weak point of single-seat constituency system/ Why Japanese Prime Minister can hold the reins of government only for a short term/ The spirit of Yukichi Fukuzawa/ What is to be a good politician/ Problem of Japanese education/ Japanese style of Management/ Learning from Peter Drucker
Mr. Haruo Murase,
Representative director of Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Global Management and Talent of Canon
Canon's business areas/Globalization of Canon/Canon Marketing Japan and Sales target One trillion yen/gBeyond Canon, Beyond Japanh/ Diversification of business categories by M & A/ Fusion of IT and medical equipment business/Overseas expansion of CMJ/ Globalization of employees/Declaration of Independence and the reaction of the parent company/Factory automation and development of robot
Mr. Kazuo Wada,
Ex Yaohan International Chairman.

To study Foundation and bankruptcy of Yaohan ~ truth of Older-generation overseas Chinese Business~
Magement of Li & Fung/What management/ Point of foreign M&A/ What Global human resource/Problem of Japanese company/ Importance of English/Axis as a human/Point of Investment in Asia/ Duties of outside directors/Problem of Education in Japan
Mr. Makoto Yasuda,
Li & Fung Limited Adviser& Director of Azbil Corporation.

Case study of Li & Fung and International Business
Establishment of Yaohan/International distribution/Business in Brazil/Business in China/Business to Overseas Chinese/Lesson from Bankruptcy/Management and leadership/Construction of International network of contacts/Notes of Family-run/Points to keep in mind as president
Dr. Zhu Jianrong ,
Professor : Toyo Gakuen University.

A next-generation Chinese strategy and The China strategy of Japanese companies
A next-generation Chinese strategy and The China strategy of Japanese companies Unprecedented economic growth/ Policy of wage disparity adjustment/ Firm long-term strategy and Strong government system/ Switch of growth model/ Itfs now or never to advance to Chinese market/ Reconstruction of Chinese society and its moral/ Global positioning of China/ For reforming of Japan-China relations/ Triple-relation (Japan-the US- China)/ Having a heart-to-heart communication with China
Mr. Tsuyoshi Tsukada,
Representative of Designer Guild Japan.

Brand licensing business
By involving various brand business/ Spirit of gFor the brandh/ Great development in succession/ Bipolarization of consumers/ Business strategy in consideration for lifestyle/ Maximization of brand value/ European brand becoming conglomerates/ Japanese brand required personality/ Brand goods and catalog internet/ Facing to consumers to appeal them/ Manufacture neglected invisible value - Respect to software and switch of the idea
His Excellency Mr. Alvaro Antonio CEDENO MOLINARI,
Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in Japan.

Japanese Globalization
International contribution of Japan/ The meaning of globalization/ Relationship between environmental issue and economic activity/ Exacerbation of environment and the role of Japan as an environmentally developed country/ In order to create common value/ Japanese society and the lack of political leadership/ Introversion of Japan and its young generation/ What the important value is/ Cases of innovation in Costa Rica/ Japanfs contribution to Asia and Entrepreneurship
Mr. Shinichi Fujiwara,
Corporate executive officer of Nippon Steel Corporation.

Correspondence of Japanese industry
Manufacturing center of Nippon Steel Corporation/ Approach of gThe same boat, The same crewh and The period of resource crisis/ Rapid economic growth of China and Upheaval of resource environment/ Three difficulties of resource environment/ Drastic change happening in the field of resource and energy/ The reason why Steel industry can maintain home manufacture/ Resource mining in the seas near Japan/ Talent training in Nippon Steel Corporation/ Demand of Steel industry regarding to earthquake disaster revival/ Private power generation depending on ironworks
Mr. Masahiko Kawamura,
division manager of Toray industries,Inc.

Global management and educating of new leaders of Toray Industries
Global center of Toray/ Application development/ Toray's carbon fiber business/ Role of Toray is to create new demands with customers/ Cooperation with affiliated companies and Global talent training/ Management basis and Talent training/ In order to increase the motivation of foreign employees/ Advantage to continue manufacturing in domestic/ Material industry has a long-term perspective/ Approach to China/ Advertisement for Toray's brand
Mr. Yosuke Yagi,
Director of GE Japan Corporation.

Case study of GE Japan Corporation:Global management and Global Human Resource Development
Definition of success/ GE: the six strategies/ Competitive advantage of GE/ Common talent training model/ Awaiting solution of Japanese/ The ratio of global-oriented employees/ Leadership training program/ Shared value and strategies/ How Japanese can become a global leader/ The change of GE Leadership training program/ Requirements of the leader of GE
Mr. Tomoyoshi Morita,
Senior Managing Director of Shikishima Baking Co.,Ltd.

Case study of Shikishima Baking:Global management and Global Human Resource Development.
Main brand eCHOUJUKUf /Declining birthrate and bread business world/Necessity of overseas development/Problem of our corporate to partner/Basic business model on overseas development/The process of bread market in Japan/Global talent training
Mr.Osamu Tosaka,
Adviser of AJINOMOTO Co., Inc.

Case study of AJINOMOTO:Global management and Global Human Resource Development.
Innovation rebirth and growth/Corporate longevity and innovation/Survive in global market/Asinomoto and fixation of talent/How to advance innovation/Asinomotofs personal affairs/Global talent training/Message to young generation