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Mr. Kazuo Furukawa,
Chairman of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.
Former President and CEO of Hitachi, Ltd.

Future of the energy policy
The content of implementation of NEDO/ The difference between NEDO and JST/ Technological development of NEDO/ Industrial technology competitiveness in Japan and the environmental changes/ Typical innovation and the role of NEDO/ New approach of development of innovative solution/ Major support system/ The role of NEDO/ NEDO and business in overseas/ Creating scheme for culture of venture capital
Mr. Hideya Sadayasu,
President and CEO of Imperial Hotel, Ltd.

The hospitality and management of Imperial Hotel
Factors of good hotels/ Prospects/ Inspiration born from the working place/ Standardization of service and Synergy effect/ People in Imperial Hotel/ The position of Imperial Hotel/ Global expansion/ Things to change the Made-in-Japan hotels/ In order to rise the rate of foreign visitors/ Cooperation with the other leading hotels
Mr. Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss,
Member of the Board Senior Vice President of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

The key to success of partnership with Japanese company and foreign company
Challenges and Trends in the Automotive Industry/ Vision gTrucks for the world!h/ About PMI / German corporate governance/ Global Operation/ Cross-Border Synergies/ Cross-Cultural People Management/ For FUSO 2015 (The prospects)/ Transitional Management
Mr. Yoshiaki Fujimori,
President and CEO of LIXIL Corporation.

Business management and Global expansion of LIXIL Corporation
`The experience of GE(GE Asia CEO, GE Senior Vice President)`
Strength of GE Brand/ What is to be a global leader/ To be a global leader in living life market/ hThree major affairs of Innovationh/ Strategies of LIXIL G-15/ Strategies in Chinese market/ Curtain Wall Strategy/ Awaiting solutions of Globalization/ LIXIL VALUE/ Outside -the-box thinking/ Ideal of global leader
Mr. Kei Furuta,
President and CEO of Equinix Japan.

Management and Expansion to Japanese market of Telecommunications@enterprises of the United States
Global development of Equinix/ Establishment of Data center/ Interconnection Ecosystem/ Operation system of Equinix/ Security/ Thoroughness of High quality service/ To sustain No.1 company of a growth rate/ Prospects
Mr. Fumio Ohta,

International situation and Intelligence in China.
Experience in the U.S./ Decrease of Japanese American/ Secret Inteligent of China / Experience in 2001/ SIGINT organization in China/ Sonshifs five types of imfomation/ Leakage Business in the U.S.
Mr. Hisaoki Kamei,
Former member of the House of Representatives/ Former Director General of National Land Agency/ Former Secretary- General of the People's New Party/ Chairman of General Incorporated Association: Communication Research Society.

Actual facts and future of Japanese government
Considering "Hundred millions of middle class society"/ To encourage meaningful government reconstruction/ Bicameral Japanese government/ A constitutional amendment/ Disuse of nuclear weapon/ Feeling of hopelessness towards Japanese government/ Media and Government/ Making use of value of Japanese society
Mr. Yoshihiro Bando,
Company executive of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Expanshion of Asian business of Otsuka Pharmaceutical `Case study of Indonesia and new business`
The Japanese and the Indonesian/ Communication with local workers / Localized management/ Transfer of authority/ "10 Principles"/ Making use of the diversity in the company/ Importance of choosing a good business partner/ After returning to Japan
Mr. Chanin Donavanik,
Chief Executive Officer of Dusit International

Asian Hospitality Management
Saving Dusit Brand/ The teachings of his mother, Thanpuying/ Dusit Thani College / Actual situation of Hospitality education/ Hospitality and the benefit/ Global development of Dusit/ Women's full participation in society
Mr. Ichiro Fujisaki,
Former Japanese Ambassador to United States

Future relationship between Japan and the United States
Exchange rates after financial crisis/ Effect of supply chain/ Trade deficit of the United States/ Strength of Japan/ Real situation of human resource development programs/ About studying abroad/ Japanese manufacturing companies success in overseas/ Strength of the United States/ Things to learn from the United States/ Obama administration
Mr.Atsushi Kunishige,
Representative Director and Vice President Executive Officer of Rakuten, Inc.

Case study of Rakuten: Global management and Global Human Resource Development
Business structure of Rakuten/ Global human resource development/ Aim of the use of English in the office/ Medium- to long-term strategies of Rakuten/ Global strategies of Rakuten/ Fluctuation of human resources above all IT companies/ Role of financial business of Rakuten/ Importance of logistics/ Owner operation/ Merge and Acquisition/ The DNA of Rakuten
Mr.Glen Fukushima,
Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Future relationship among Japan: the United States and Asian countries
Decline of Japanese presence/ Foreign relation depending on the person in charge/ Satisfied relationship between Japan and the United States and Problem to be solved of Japan/ Participation in TPP/ The reason why the rate of students who study abroad decreases/ Discover global human resource/ Japanese men donft settle well overseas while Japanese women settle well