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Mr.Shuzo Sumi,
Chairman of the Board of Tokio Marine & Nichido.

Global development of Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
Corporate governance/ Outside board member/ Globalization in Financial community/ IT reform/ Innovation such as operational radical reforms/ Development of human resources/ Aggressive global development/ Expansion of local businesses through M&A
Mr.Hidenori Sakanaka,
President of Japan Immigration Policy Institute, Former Chief of Immigration Bureau of Tokyo.

Immigration policy of Japan `Japan at the crossroads`
Why are we considering "Immigrant" now/ Falling population and becoming immigrant nation/ The way to sustain vibrant society (so-called "Big Japan")/ Immigration policy and University reform/ Tokyo Olympic in 2020 - one chance in a million/ Vitalization of local communities/ Future accommodation of Japanese government/ Response from global media/ Abduction issue
Mr.ZHU Jianrong,
Professor of Toyo Gakuen University.

Future generation strategy of China and Strategy for Chinese market of Japanese Companies
Strategies of Chinese goverment/ China's typical long-term strategy/ New Head in China: President Xi Jinping/ Influence of Eastern Asia with the rise of China/ Actual condition and problem of Japan-China Relationship `Signs of improvement`/ Japanese companies' strategies in China: China in the way of Market, Partnership with Chinese companies/ Validity of dialogue between Japan and China
Mr.Tatsuo Tanaka,
Director and Chairman of Citigroup Japan Holdings Corp.

Innovative Management `Case studies of MUFG and Citigroup`
As a business manager `Whether reform can be implemented or not`/ Validity of Outside board member/ Corporate governance in the USiBased on his career in Union Bankj/ Difference of Management between Japanese company and foreign company/ Difference of Reform between Japanese Bank and Foreign Bank/ Negotiation through Foreign company and government/ Human resource which can implement reforms and How to develop them
Mr.Yoshihisa Yamada,
Executive Vice President, Representative Director, and CFO of Rakuten, Inc.

Estimate of near future: Change of the world and business
Future IT (Genetics, Robotics and more)/ Business revolution lead by inspiration/ Risk-taking culture/ Prospects of Rakuten/ Sports and IT/ Possibility of Japan and Diversity of Tokyo/ Transition of industrial structure leads to the change of financial system/ Smart communities/ Innovation has a dilemma of misusing/ Primary differences of Japan and the US
Mr.Mikio Haruna,
International Jounalist, Former branch manager of KYODO NEWS Washington, Guest professor of Waseda University.

Future of Japan-US and Japan-China Relationships
Politics of newly industrialized countries/ Prospects of the United States/ Japan-US relationship and Intelligence/ Reservation of Energy resources/ Strategic characteristic of Indian Ocean/ Strategies of Military affairs and Energy/ Influence of China/ The state of Japan seen from the world/ Agricultural issues and TPP/ Plans should Japan implements in future
Mr.Ray Bremner,
President and CEO of Unilever Japan

Unilever: Sustainability and Management
Overview of Unilever/ Sustainability of Unilever/ Marketing Strategies/ Case study of hair care product/ Products made from Japan/ Women consumers/ Difficulty of changing consumersf habit/ Spirit of gMottainaih/ Importance of Japanese market/ Globalization is not an Acquisition
Mr.Eugene Kaspersky,
Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, and Mr. Riaz Esmailzadeh, Associate professor of Information technology and Management in Carnegie Mellon University.

Latest cyber security and the Management strategies
The ecosystem of Cyber jungle/ To survive in Cyber jungle/ Technology, Education and law enforcement agency/ Symbiosis/ Protect the world from threats above international technology/ Implementation of principles/ Importance of Cyber security/ Role of development of information technology/ Cyber security and Management/ Simple and practical countermeasure/ Company and basic infrastructure/ Safety of Cyber environment/ Reinforcement of International cyber security
Mr.SEN Genshitsu,
(15th in a series of Japanese tea masters of the Urasenke family)

The way to live as the Japanese `People's resource in this chaotic world`
About Tea Ceremony/ Relationship between Tea Ceremony and Zen Buddhism/ Experience of religious mendicancy/ How to enjoy Green Tea and Tea/ Teachings from Father: Live together with nature/ History of Japan and Tea Ceremony/ Spirit of Scholarship and the Martial arts/ University days: Experience of WW‡U/ After deployment of an attack unit organized for a special duty
Mr.Robert Alan Feldman,
Managing director Chief economist and General Manager of fixed income research of Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.

Prospects of the world and Japanese economy and Abenomics
Silent advance of Abenomics/ First philosophy: Growth strategy considered where the success comes from/ Second philosophy: How to advance fiscal reconstruction/ Second arrow of Abenomics (Flexible fiscal policy)/ What is the third arrow (Growth strategy that evokes private investment)exchange market/ What is the rate of exchange/ Knowing exchange is knowing the world/ World economy and Abenomics/ Contribution and proposition to developing countries/ Support for growing the education standard of developing countries/ What to grow productivity of health care system
Mr.Sanjay Panda,
Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of India

Business development in India and Japan
Indiafs Ethos/ Indian Economy/ Knowledge-driven Economy/ Remarkable Improvement in Trade/ National Manufacturing Policy/ China vs. India/ Demographic Advantage/ India-Japan Relations/ Japanese companies in India/ What India can offer/ Huge domestic market/ Investments in Infrastructure/ Sectors to look for in domestic market
Mr.Katsuro Wakai,
Advisor (Former President and CEO) of Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

40 years of Overseas Business `Mainframe business in Hitachi`
What is the main frame/ Identity of Hitachi/ About Department of Information and Telecommunication/ Trade of ICT related industries in Japan/ History of Computer/ Growth and decline of technology/ Case studies of Information system/ Case study of Hitachi large-sized computer M series/ PCM Export Chronicle/ Beginning of PCM business/ Growth and decline of Skyline/ Worldfs best factor of success/ Teachings from the worldfs best/ In order to success/ In order to survive Japanese company in competitive global market
Mr.Junnosuke Furukawa,
Advisor of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Spirit of Entrepreneurships
History of Furukawa group/ Founder of Furukawa/ Principle of the founder/ Human resources in Furukawa/ Mission charged by large enterprise/ Necessity of Schumpeter growth/ Personnel training for future/ Concerns of Japan economy/ Rapid growth of Furukawa/ The pros and cons of dissolution of financial cliques/ Personnel difference before and after WW‡U/ Human resource that develops innovation/ The excess fragmentation of company/ Overseas advance of company and current-account deficit/ Role of the head in financial cliques