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Date Speaker&Topics Theme Point
Ms. Kaori Kawakami, The head of Hat research institute
Mr. Kishin Okada, Muso Co.,Ltd.The Situation of Middle-East and the Halal Market

The Situation of Middle-East and the Halal Market
Mr. Koichiro Tsujino,
The former President of Google Inc.

The Cloud Computing and Management
gthe ex-Internet erah and gInternet erah / Cloud Computing / Network / Cyberspace / The Progress of Cloud and the eReal Time-nessf / Japanese Companies / The Management of Google / Operating Effectiveness / Budgetary Cutback of IT-cost / The Real Essence of Cloud / Sharing Information /Minimizing Idle Time / Speeding the Management / The Internet Era and the old Structure of Japanese Companies / Shifting to the Real-Time Management
Mr. Shin Nimura,
The Commentary Senior Manager of Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)

Regarding the Relationship between Japan and Germany
German Culture and History / German Reunification and these 25 years / From the eburdenf to the leader of EU / Craftsmanship /The German Industry /The New Form of Industry / Strengthening Economy by Innovation / Fusion of Craftsmanship and IT / Government and the People United / Challenging Spirits / The Future Relationship between Germany and Japan
Mr.Tamotsu Hiiro,
The President of Johnson and Johnson K.K.

About Johnson and Johnson
The Overview of Johnson & Johnson /Health Care Company / Continuous Innovation and Development / Preparing Good Environment for Innovation / Investments to Research and Development / gOur Credoh as a company philosophy / Tylenol Incident / Developing the Leaders / Case Study of Human Resources Development / Innovation in Japan / Maintaining the Growth Rate / Risk-taking / Global Management/ Japanese Corporation
Mr.Paul Yonamine,
The General Manager of IBM Japan

Global management in IBM
Mr.Atsushi Saito,
Former Group Chief Executive Officer and Representative Executive Officer of Japan Exchange Group Inc.
Mr.Tatsuo Tanaka,
Director and Chairman of Citigroup Japan Holdings Corp.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Business Seminar
Dr. Michael Doludda,
The President of Nippon Aerosil Co., Ltd.

About Global Management
Mr.Yoshiyuki Tanaka,
The President of Du Pont Kabushiki Kaisha.

Global Management of Du Pont
Mr.Hiroshi Takada,
Chairman & CEO of Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN

Regional Revival
Mr.Hirotsugu Koike,
Head of Kwansei Gakuin Global Policy Research Center (Former vice chief editorial writer of Nikkei Inc.)

Lee Kuan Yew "Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going"
Coexistence and fusion of Diversity gSingapore as a masterpieceh/ Rivalry and revolution that forerunner has/ Symbol of globalism gAbsorbing worldfs wealth and human intelligenceh/ Crisis awareness towards public and Perfectionism gMentality of the revolutionisth/ Opinion leader in Asia/ Behavioral intelligence and Supreme pragmatism/ The leaderfs attitude/ Approach to Security/ The sense of globalism/ Education in university
Mr.Mikio Haruna,
International Jounalist, Former chief editorial writer of KYODO NEWS.

Global dynamics in 2015
Politics of newly industrialized countries/ Changes of the United States, China and Japan/ Japan-US relationship and Intelligence/ Reservation of Energy resources/ Strategies of Military affairs and Energy/ Influence of China/ The state of Japan seen from the world/ Future of Global dynamics/ Plans should Japan implements in future
Mr.Shuhei Aoki,
Former chief of Association for Payment Clearing Services of Bank of Japan, Assistant to president of Hitachi, Ltd.

Prospect of Japanese economy and finance in 2015 and Global financial market
Prospect of Economy from OECD/ Household business confidence/ Business confidence/ Revenue of the US company/ Future population of China/ Decrease of working population/ Spending money owned by companies/ Facility investment of Japanese company in overseas/ Dependence of risky assets/ Action of small businesses