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Date Speaker&Topics Theme Point
Mr. Uichiro Niwa,
The former Japanese Ambassador to People's Republic of China The Chairman of Society of Global Business/The Chairman of The Japan-China Friendship Association.

How Drastically Our World Is Changing
The age of Insecurity/Asia as the worldfs economic center/China's national strategy with looking ahead to the next 50 years/Growing economic divide in China/Detente between japan and china/How China leads the world in technology innovation/Anti-Chinese sentiment in Japan/Issue of water resources in the future
Mr. Einosuke Sumitani,
The CEO of KCJ Group inc.

Education and Entertainment of KidZania
Experience in tourism development for Naoshima city/Establishing business of WDI group/Encountaring KidZania/ Partner for Financial sponsorship/Challenges in building KidZania Japan/KidZania for career planning/About edutainment, entertainment that is desighned to be eduvational
Mr. Hiroshi Omata,
The former Executive Director of Dentsu Digital inc.

Marketing in the Digital age
Japan and American GDP growth in recent 20 years/Competition challenges in digital economy/Digitalization for marketing/DIgital marketing challenges/Defference between traditional marketing and modern marketing/Agile software development/Effect of Marketing automation/KPI and KGI to visualize management/Digital contents struggles
Mr. Fumihide Tomizawa,
The president & CEO of SoftBank Robotics Corp.

The future of Smart Robots
Overview for Softbank roboticcs/About Pepper/Trends in the Robots market/Impact of Robots on Society/New business model in robotics society/leadership for innovation
Mr. Yoshihiro Senzai,
President and CEO of Hitachi Maxell Corporation.

Management of Hitachi Maxell
Background/How Maxell has grown/Maxell's challenges/ The speed of R&D/What technology should be used/ Product line extension/ Motivating employees/Long range production planning/International strategies for Maxell
Mr. Shirou Kondou,
Executive Chairman of RICOH Corporation.

Innovation and Management
About richo/In a crisis situation in terms of management/Big Company Disease/Challenges to sustainable economic/ Founder Kiyoshi Ichimura/Customer value/Future of work/A talent for leadership/The product development process/Influence of politics
Mr. Yasuyuki Tanabe,
The CEO of Airbnb Japan.

Innovation of Airbnb and management
Mr. Noriyuki Yanagawa,
Research Professor, Graduate school of Economics, Tokyo University.

How AIEIoT@will change economical structure
Mr. Mikio Haruna,
Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Political Science, Waseda University.

Relationship between the U.S and Japan, and Japanese Diplomacy
Ms. Hiroko Akiyama,
Research Professor, Institute of Gerontology, the University of Tokyo.

The super aging society is a good opportunity ?
Situations and Problems in Japan with Decreasing Birthrate and Aging Population/ Essential Systems on Aging Population Societies/ World Markets on Aging Population Societies/ Education Regarding Aging/ Decrease of Skills and Knowledge on a Second Life/ Life Consultation/ Foreign Workers who Support Nursing-care Service/ Pros and Cons regarding Migrants
Mr. Mikio Sugano,
Editorial Writer of The Nikkei.

Dynamic Change of the World in 2017 and Japan in the Future.
World and Japan Situations in the Dramatic year 2016/ Re-evaluation of Japan/ Risks after 2017/ Consideration of the Democracy/ Pros and Cons on Hiring Policies by the U.S President Trump/ Companiesf Dependence on the Exchange Rates and Improvement of Industriesf Competitions/ Committee for Sustainable Growths/ Changes of Mediafs Roles/ Rule Making by the U.S/ Redistribution of Wealth by Trump